Justin name meaning

name meaning: Justin \j(u)-stin, jus-tin\ as a boy's name is pronounced JUS-tin. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Justin is "just, upright, righteous". Variant of Justus. Saint Justin (second century) was a Greek philosopher who wrote of the moral values of Christianity. See also Jestin. Actor Justin Henry; singer Justin Timberlake.

Justin has 18 variant forms: Giustino, Giusto, Joos, Joost, Justain, Justan, Just, Juste, Justen, Justinas, Justinian, Justinius, Justino, Justinus, Justis, Justo, Justus and Justyn.

For more information, see also the related name Dustin.

Baby names that sound like Justin are Austin, Austen, Austyn, Ostin, Jeston, Jesstin and Westin.

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origin:  Latin
number of letters: 6. see all 6-letter names