Calvin name meaning

name meaning: Calvin \c(a)-lvin, cal-vin\ as a boy's name is pronounced KAL-vin. It is of French origin, and the meaning of Calvin is "little bald one". Diminutive of "calve", from French "chauve". A Roman family clan name turned surname. Transferred to a first name as homage to 16th-century French religious reformer Jean Calvin, whose thinking deeply influenced the Presbyterian, Methodist, and Huguenot branches of Protestantism. More familiar in modern times due to Bill Watterson's cartoon feature "Calvin and Hobbes". American President Calvin Coolidge; composer Calvin Hamptom; Italian author Italo Calvino.

Calvin has 4 variant forms: Cal, Calvino, Kalvin and Vinnie.

Baby names that sound like Calvin are Galvin, Galvon, Galven, Galvan, Gallvin, Kalvyn and Kelvin.

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origin:  French
number of letters: 6. see all 6-letter names