Anthony name meaning

name meaning: Anthony \a-ntho-ny, an-thony\ as a boy's name is pronounced AN-tha-nee. It is of Latin origin. English form of the old Roman family name Antonius, probably of Etruscan origin. Mark Anthony (82-30 BC), Roman triumvir and general, sat on the throne and had a tempestuous political career with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. Saint Anthony (third century) was an Egyptian hermit monk who founded the first Christian monastic order and is traditionally renowned for his resistance to the devil. According to legend, he lived alone in the wilderness for over 80 of his hundred-some years. In England, the name is usually spelled and pronounced without the "h". The German and Russian version is Anton; Antoine is French. Actors Anthony Quinn, Anthony Hopkins, Anthony Perkins, Tony Curtis, Anthony Banderas; photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon; composer Anton Bruckner; playwright Anton Chekhov; basketball player Anthony Mason; singer Marc Anthony.

Anthony has 32 variant forms: Andy, Antal, Anthone, Anthoney, Anntoin, Antin, Antoine, Anton, Antone, Antonello, Antoney, Antoni, Antonije, Antonin, Antoine, Antonino, Antonio, Antonius, Antons, Antony, Antun, Antuwan, Antwahn, Antwohn, Antwon, Antwuan, Teunis, Thonus, Toney, Toni, Tony and Twan.

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Baby names that sound like Anthony are Antwone, Antwoine, Antwoin, Antwan, Antuwon, Antuan, Andon and Antino.

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origin:  Latin
number of letters: 7. see all 7-letter names