Amr name meaning

name meaning: Amr \a-mr\ as a boy's name is a variant of Ammar (Arabic), and the meaning of Amr is "prosperous long life".

The baby name Amr sounds like Amir, Amer, Amor and Amry. Other similar baby names are Am, Ari, Aaro, Abir, Acer, Adar, Amed, Amad, Aime, Imre, Amal, Amel, Amory, Amby, Ames, Amid, Amil, Amin, Amyn, Aman, Emir, Amiri, Ameir, Ameer, Amit, Ammer, Amon, Amery, Amos, Amram, Ara, Ary, Arri, Avry, Aymer, Azur, Arry, Imri, Mar, Omar, Omer, Omri, Umar, Umer and Ymir.

origin:  Arabic
number of letters: 3. see all 3-letter names