Ull name meaning

name meaning: Ull \u-ll\ as a boy's name is of Norse origin, and the meaning of Ull is "glory". One of the gods in the ancient Norse pantheon, whose special responsibility was winter. He was supposed to have created the aurora borealis, the northern lights.

Baby names that sound like Ull are Al, Ali, Aly, Ely, Eli, Olle, Ole, Ola, Will and Wil. Other similar baby names are Ulf, Del, Bell, Bill, Byll, Bly, Cal, Col, Coll, Dal, Dell, Gal, Gall, Gill, Gil, Hal, Hall, Hill, Ugo, Kell, Mel, Noll, Poll, Pol, Pal, Pell, Pall, Sal, Sol, Sill, Sly, Tal, Till, Udi, Udell, Udall, Udel, Udo, Umi, Uri and Val.

origin:  Norse
number of letters: 3. see all 3-letter names