Megan name meaning

name meaning: Megan \m(e)-gan\ as a girl's name is pronounced MEG-an, MEE-gan, MAY-gan. It is of Welsh origin. Variant of Margaret (Greek) "pearl", based on the short form Meg. Phonetic spellings of Megan are used to ensure one of the three pronunciations. See also Meegan. Actress Megan Mullaly.

Megan has 14 variant forms: Maegan, Maygan, Meagan, Meaghan, Meg, Megen, Meggan, Meggi, Meggie, Meggy, Meghan, Meghann, Meghanne and Meighan.

Baby names that sound like Megan are Meeghan and Macon.

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origin:  Welsh
number of letters: 5. see all 5-letter names