Brand name meaning

name meaning: Brand \b-ra-nd\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Brand), is pronounced brand. It is of Old Norse and Old English origin, and the meaning of Brand is "sword; fiery torch, beacon". From the Old Norse personal name Brandr. Also short form of Brandon. In America, this name may have manly connotations of life on the rugged range. Brandt is a German form; Brando is Italian.

Brand has 7 variant forms: Brandell, Brander, Brando, Brandt, Brant, Brantley and Brantlie.

Baby names that sound like Brand are Barend, Bernd, Berend, Brandyn, Brandin, Branden, Brandan, Brantt, Brannt, Brent, Brendt, Bryant and Briant.

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origin:  Norse
number of letters: 5. see all 5-letter names