Bob name meaning

name meaning: Bob \bob\ as a boy's name is pronounced bob. It is of Old English origin. Short form of Robert, of later coinage than Hob, Dob, and Nob. Bobbie and Bobby are pet forms, though Bobbie is more frequently used for girls. While Bobby was common for children in the 1950s and '60s, Robert today is more likely to be shortened to Robbie or Rob instead of the pedestrian Bob. Comedian Bob Hope; singer Bob Dylan; chess master Dob Fischer; actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Bob has 4 variant forms: Bobbee, Bobbey, Bobbie and Bobby.

Baby names that sound like Bob are Bibi, Beebe, Bubba, Pip and Pope.

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origin:  English
number of letters: 3. see all 3-letter names