Betty name meaning

name meaning: Betty \b(et)-ty\ as a girl's name is pronounced BET-ee. It is of Dutch and English origin. Pet form of Elizabeth (Hebrew) "God's promise". In the 17th century it was also used occasionally as a pet form of Beatrice. First became popular in the 18th century, and now appears most often in combination with other names: Betty Lou, Betty Ann, etc. Liza and Beth are now more likely choices as modern-day short forms. Actresses Betty Grable, Bette Davis; singer Bette Midler; First Lady Betty Ford.

Betty has 12 variant forms: Bess, Bessie, Bessy, Betsey, Betsy, Bett, Betta, Bette, Betti, Bettie, Bettina and Bettine.

Baby names that sound like Betty are Bettye, Beata, Beate, Beta, Bet, Betha, Bitta and Patty.

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origin:  Hebrew
number of letters: 5. see all 5-letter names