Antoine name meaning

name meaning: Antoine \a-ntoi-ne, an-toine\ as a boy's name is pronounced AN-twahn. It is of French origin. Variant of Anthony. Actor Antwon Tanner; football player Antone Davis.

Antoine has 17 variant forms: Antione, Antjuan, Antuan, Antuwain, Antuwaine, Antuwayne, Antuwon, Antwahn, Antwain, Antwaine, Antwan, Antwaun, Antwohn, Antwoin, Antwoine, Antwon and Antwone.

For more information, see also the related name Antonio.

Baby names that sound like Antoine are Antony, Antons, Antonino, Antonin, Antonije, Antoni, Antoney, Anton, Antin, Anntoin, Anthone and Antino.

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origin:  French
number of letters: 7. see all 7-letter names