Andre name meaning

name meaning: Andre \a-nd-re, an-dre\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Andre), is pronounced AHN-dray. It is of French origin. Andr?s a variant of Andrew. The form Andrey is popular in Russia. Andrei is a Slavic form. Aundres (AWN-dray) is an American phonetic variant. Pianist Andr?atts; actor Andr?regory; composer/conductor Andr?revin; tennis player Andre Agassi.

Andre has 21 variant forms: Andrae, Andras, Andreas, Andrei, Andrej, Andres, Andreus, Andrey, Andris, Andrius, Aundray, Deandre, Dray, Dre, Ohndrae, Ohndre, Ondre, Ondrei, Ohnrey, Ondrey and Ries.

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Baby names that sound like Andre are Andru, Andro and Andrea.

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origin:  French
number of letters: 5. see all 5-letter names